I needed a break this week, and God knew it!  The previous week had been filled with all the usual adventures of my crazy, busy life and then some.  This week was looking the same.  But, God subtly sent a few cancellations and change of plans my way.  I knew I could not get upset as I normally would when my plans and scheduled events are disrupted because I could hear God saying, “I am giving you some time, not for you but for Me.”  I was busy cleaning house when I heard this and stopped in my tracks.  Word of advice, when God is calling you, stop and do what He is asking.  So, I spent a while in His Word, meditating and thanking Him for total control over my life.  You know, that control we think we have but is and always will be ultimately His.  

Well, by the end of this same week, Hurricane Ian arrived.  Everything always comes to a screeching halt in my hometown when a storm comes.  I was not prepared for this storm, again out of normal character for me, so I had to FROG it!  Fully Rely on God!  God spoke into my spirit again and told me to give time to my family.  Unrushed, quiet time.  The rare kind of time.  So again, I obliged.  My family and I prayed for God’s protection over our home and the many that would be impacted by the hurricane.  We all went to bed that night with a prayer and hope in our hearts.  We lost power through the night but awoke to basically an untouched home.  

Proverbs 19:23 says the fear of the Lord leads to life and whoever has it rests satisfied, untouched by evil!  I awoke thanking God for this week.  He gave me rest, unrestricted time, and a home untouched by disaster, all by the quiet whispers of His grace.  The takeaways here: Don’t ignore the still small voice of God.  Fear the Lord and be obedient.  He will give us all we need, and we will be blessed (Psalms 128:4).

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  1. God gives us just what we need, sometimes in the most unusual way!

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