Be anxious for nothing!

“Really, God?” we may ask.
“Yes,” God says.
“But God, you know I’m human, right? I cannot not worry!”
“Yes, I know, but you are a child of the King!”

In the movie Coming to America depicts a young prince, Akeem Joffer, who wants for
nothing.  He is awakened by an orchestra, bathed, clothed, and even has his teeth
brushed by servants every day.  Rose petals are placed down before each step he
takes. This is a man who worries about nothing! Whatever he can imagine he wants,
he can have it.

Most of us will never come close to this care-free, no-worries kind of life, but yet, this is
exactly how God instructs us to live. He doesn’t say, “your child is sick; you can worry.”
“Your finances are low; you can worry.” No! He gives us one all-inclusive directive in
Philippians 4:6, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication
with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Do not worry about a thing!

Whatever you are worrying about today that has you so anxious and perhaps losing
sleep. God simply says pray, with gratitude, and give Me your requests. So go ahead,
open your Bible, and read the scriptures to remind yourself of His promises and truths.
Remind yourself of how good God is and how He is sovereign over all. Then get on
your knees and pray. Ask God to help you cast all your cares on Him. You may worry
again tomorrow, but that’s okay because Psalms 68:19 says Praise the Lord, who daily
bears our burdens. For today, give all your worries to God, then tomorrow, repeat steps

Be blessed